Guide to Choose the Best for Your Furniture

When it comes to furniture, wood is one of the most commonly used materials. Almost any type of wood can be used for this purpose.
Types of WoodSoft wood , Hard Wood
Hardwood Hardwood comes from Angiosperms such as maple, oak, and walnut. These trees lose their leaves annually. As they grow slowly, hardwood has denser wood fibers (fiber tracheids and libriform fibers). As hardwood is rare, it is relatively expensive compared to softwood. However, there are exceptions. For example, gum is a hardwood that comes at a price compatible with most types of softwood. Hardwood is durable, comes with close grain, and requires low maintenance. It also comes with low sap content and good fire resistance. Not all types of hardwood are ideal for making furniture.
Softwood Softwood comes from gymnosperms, which are evergreen trees. Softwood includes trees such as pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper, redwood, and yew. Evergreen trees tend to be less dense than deciduous trees. Thus, it is easier to cut them down. Softwood consists of tracheids and wood rays. As vessels are absent, softwood is also called non-porous wood. It comes with loose grain, higher sap content, and lighter color. However, it comes with poor fire resistance. The fine and lightweight structure makes softwood ideal for making furniture.
Hardwoods Mahogany | Walnut | Red Oak | Ash | Birch | Maple | Cherry | Beech | Teak
Softwoods Parana Pine | Eastern White Pine | Lodgepole | Pine Pitch | Pine Scots | Pine White | Spruce | Red Cedar | Western Hemlock