A Family Tradition
continues since 1980
from the house of Sultan

Our story

Haji Muhammad Rasheed founded the HR Decord furniture operation in 1990 with the help of his dedication and his courage to achieve his life's goal. The scene was set in 1985 when HMR started hard work to learn cabinet making. He spent years perfecting his craft in numerous furniture workshops lining the streets of Lahore and other cities of Pakistan.

HMR had always known he’d join the family and started from the age of 17, working his way up and learning the craft at every department: from design to production to fitting.

We feel blessed to have a closely-knit team, generations of clients we are proud to serve, and the fresh young minds (Farman ,Usman and Asad) to help HMR the furniture artistry tradition into the 21st century.

Wood craft
possesses a level of sensitivity,
emotion and precision


Woodcraft requires phases of research and a study of the complexity of the materials. By the virtue of being strong, durable, light and flexible, wood is associated with high-quality furniture and facilitates experimentation. HMR's expertise of woodcraft is irreplaceable! From intricate carvings to detailed inlay work, woodwork has widely been an outlet for new ideas and endless possibilities. It's color, veins, natural texture and various other characteristics make it ideal for anything from exteriors, furniture, sculptures to frames.

Woodcraft Techniques

The traditional ways of working with wood are attractive because of the numerous fascinating techniques practiced by talented craftsmen. Wood craft requires a level of expertise and a passion for innovation.
“Every small detail embraces the authenticity of the material and its maker; there is perfection in each flaw.”